Welcome Glitterbugs!

Published July 18, 2014 by missshandag

Hello there!

My name is Shanda and welcome to my blog! Ok it’s not much now, but I hope to create something interesting and creative for you to enjoy as much as I will! First thing you MUST know about me is that I love glitter. I adore makeup and fashion, and enjoy interacting through social media. Oh, and I’m also a huge Lady Gaga fan, let’s just get that out there now.

I currently live in Ontario, Canada. Not going to lie, it’s very boring. I am more of a city girl and am “stuck” in a country type setting with A LOT of senior citizens so, it’s really a country-retirement setting. I hope to nest myself in New York City one day…. one day. (there is no such thing as a pipe-dream!)

So let’s stay connected! I promise to keep you all interested and sparkling.